[ROM] Manhattan IC030 | v 0.3 | 4.0.3 AOSP | Gen 09 | Audio+ | Notification Widget+

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[ROM] Manhattan IC030 | v 0.3 | 4.0.3 AOSP | Gen 09 | Audio+ | Notification Widget+

Message par Zzacharie le Lun 9 Jan - 19:33

Voici une ROM pour notre Galaxy Nexus du cuisto Gnufabio qui a été très actif dans la section Asus Transformer ^^

A propos de la ROM :

Fast and stable
Trebuchet instead of the Classic Launcher2
Built-in audio enhancement
Lot of tweaks, this rom is completely customizable.
Facebook sync enabled
Battery percentage in the lockscreen
Super slim
Led settings
Notification widget

Derniers Changements :

IC030 (beta 0.3):
Added the power notification widget (thanks to Cyanogenmod team)
Cleaned code

IC020 (beta 0.2):
Initial public release

Téléchargements :

Version IC030: hhttp://www.multiupload.com/JENFQTSEZB

Gapps: multiupload.com GRVLKHFNT5


Galaxy Nexus : ICS 4.01
Galaxy Note : Rom Stock
Samsung Galaxy S2 : I9100XWKJ2
HTC HD2 : BOYPPC-SHIFTPDA Ginger 2.3.5 CM7_V55


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Re: [ROM] Manhattan IC030 | v 0.3 | 4.0.3 AOSP | Gen 09 | Audio+ | Notification Widget+

Message par MrLafia le Jeu 2 Fév - 8:14

Ajout du changelog :

IC100 (1.0):
This is a Major update. A wipe is suggested.

    Added Manhattan Settings, a nice app to controll the system.
    Updated Trebuchet: latest fixes, added effects and transitions.
    Super speed up: super fast system.
    Using imo kernel instead of stock (thanks imoseyon)
    Added Performance settings to Manhattan Settings
    Added a toggle in Manhattan Settings for the 180° rotation.
    Added an option to Manhattan Settings to controll the rotation delay.


    Added battery percentage in the statusbar (in the expanded statusbar, toggleable from ManhattanSettings)
    Added different battery icons (you can switch to them from Manhattan Settings)
    Added an option to change the opacity of the statusbar.
    Statusbar's clock options: Central/Right/Hidden, AM/PM settings, 24H toggle.
    Hardware-accelerated statusbar by default, you can revert this change from ManhattanSettings.
    Added an option to change the statubar navigation buttons color.


    Now you can set the default color for led's notifications from Manhattan Settings.
    Now you can disable the hardware volume keys from Manhattan Settings.
    Improved Launcher's performances.
    Other minor bugfixes.

Special Thanks for this version:

    CyanogenMod team for Trebuchet and the T9 Dialer.
    Romanbb for the color picker.
    imoseyon for the kernel.
    Xoomdev for his work, I take suggestions from his mods.
    Andrew2511 for translations.
    Jrummy for the performance settings

Update IC101 (1.0.1)

    Fixed the centered-clock's bug.
    Added an option to put the clock to left in the statusbar.
    Now you can set the color of the clock from Manhattan Settings.
    Fixed wrong strings in ManhattanSettings.
    Added a new battery icon style (Black and white)
    Added an option to always show the Menu button.
    Removed the confirmation dialog for the reboot.

Version IC102 (1.0.2):

    Added the new "Battery bar" option
    Added an option to take photos throught the volume keys too (enable it from ManhattanSettings → System)
    Improved central and left clocks, now they animate when a notification appears.
    Fixed bugs with root-applications.
    Updated Trebuchet with latest bugfixes.
    Other fixes/improvements I don't remember (lol)

Version IC110 (1.1.0):

    Updated kernel to latest Leankernel 1.7.3 (thanks Imoseyon as always)
    Added three new battery icons (thanks Andrew2511 and Circlemod team)
    Added longpress action to the search button (now it will open the Voice Search)
    Updated Trebuchet with new options and transitions
    Removed gmail bugreport
    Added flash button to the notification widget (it's still in a initial stage, it will open TeslaLED app)
    Enabled OTA app from ManhattanSettings (download it from Android Market)

Version IC111 (1.1.1):

    Fixed problems with Manhattan Settings
    Improved speed of the navigation bar buttons (thanks bigxie)

Version IC112 (1.1.2) | OTA:

    Updated kernel to 1.8.0
    Added Adb over network to Developer Settings. Thanks CM team.
    Added the possibility to hide battery icon to ManhattanSettings.

Make Navigation Bar more customizable
Fix 2g/3g switch
Try to decrease Camera shutter lags

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