[KERNEL] GLaDOS V1.1 by Ezekeel [15/01/12]

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[KERNEL] GLaDOS V1.1 by Ezekeel [15/01/12]

Message par Zzacharie le Dim 15 Jan - 9:31

GLaDOS for Galaxy Nexus

A propos :

Based on stock Android kernel 3.0.8 IML74K
CPUfreq governor 'lazy'
Live OC version 1
Battery Life eXtender (BLX) version 1
Touch Wake version 1
SLQB memory allocator
Color Control version 1
CIFS (as module)
TUN (as module)
NFS client + server (as module)
Static OC of GPU/bus/RAM and IVA frequencies
Cleaned out all unnecessary kernel features and drivers
Various other tweaks

Derniers changements :


Fixed excessive battery drain while in sleep.


Fixed a bug in Color Control.
Fixed a bug in Lazy.
Power down the MPU logic in the C4 state.
Removed support for limiting the frequency while screen off (with 'screen_off_max_freq' in the CPUfreq sysfs interface).
Changed default CPUfreq governor to 'performance'.


Added optimized compiler flags.


Removed bootanimation.


Initial beta release.

Téléchargements :

https://spideroak.com/browse/share/ApertureScience/GLaDOS (only for 4.0.3 ROMs)


Galaxy Nexus : ICS 4.01
Galaxy Note : Rom Stock
Samsung Galaxy S2 : I9100XWKJ2
HTC HD2 : BOYPPC-SHIFTPDA Ginger 2.3.5 CM7_V55


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